Mediation services

Ashtin offers mediation services in all types of conflicts, including:

  • Business and investment
  • Family
  • Organizational
  • Corporations
  • Inheritance
  • Tenants

we provide a safe space for both parties’ understanding and settlement by facilitating the dialogue and conversation process in all types of conflict.

You can choose where you want to benefit from our mediation services:

  • In our office
  • An agreed-upon third place
  • Meeting online


We offer Offline and online training courses for different target groups, including the youth, students, managers, lawyers, and of course, anyone interested in mediation as an ADR method.

For individuals

Ashtin holds periodic training courses on mediation for those who are interested in pursuing mediation as a profession. These courses are based on the standards and principles of international mediation training.

Interested individuals can familiarize themselves with the basics and principles of mediation as an ADR method through our training courses. These courses develop and enhance skills that make it possible for people to see themselves as a part of the solution and not the problem.

For organizations

Ashtin also holds courses and workshops for the staff of different organizations and corporations to provide a cooperative workspace. Managers and employees can learn more about ADR methods, including mediation, in the workplace to reduce hostilities and litigations.


You can choose mediation as a method for probable future conflicts at the beginning of any cooperation and agreement. Our consulting team could guide you through including mediation in your contracts and work structure from the start to benefit from its privileges in the future.