About us

In the summer of 2019, we came together with a common goal: providing a space for peaceful conflict resolution in Iran.

Each of us had experienced a gap in proper methods of dealing with disputes in our field of work that could restore the relationship between the conflict parties and result in an agreed and sustainable settlement with minimum time and expenditure. searching for such a method, we found mediation and decided to endeavor for its development in Iran.

We were aware that mediation as a method of conflict resolution in its modern form is a novelty in Iran and even worldwide requiring learning and raising awareness. Therefore, we participated in professional mediation courses; we read, learned and gained experience and then decided to establish a professional mediation institution and aligned with international standards and Iranian cultural context, we wrote our Code of Ethics.

As for our name, browsing through the Persian language, we have chosen “Ashtin,” which in ancient Persian had a broader meaning of “Peace and settlement.”

We believe that choosing mediation for resolving disputes could provide a solid foundation for human relations in a wide range of areas; Through mediation, we could all gain the necessary skills for effective communication and change our mental realities to resolve our issues.

Our Team

Yalda Khosravi

Board Member and managing director

Master’s degree in Human Rights Law, PhD candidate in Public International Law.

Mediator, Facilitator, University Lecturer

Why mediation

In my opinion, conflict among humans resembles a confusing complex maze. Mediation is a door from which you can exit this maze and pass beyond the complexities with the mediator’s guidance.

Zeinab Sadoughi

Board Member

PhD in Policy-Making

Mediator, Researcher

Why mediation

In my opinion, resolving disputes in a friendly and trustworthy environment is more efficient and less costly than any other method. The mediator will provide such a space for the parties to reach a win-win solution.

Kiana Hosseini

Board Member

Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB)

Mediator, Facilitator

Why mediation

Disputes and conflicts are inseparable from human relations. Mediation provides an atmosphere where the parties to a conflict can understand each others’ needs and interests and find a creative and effective way out of their dispute with compassion and collaboration.

Mohammadreza Doran

Board Member

Master’s degree in Human Rights Law

Mediator, Lawyer

Why mediation

I think mediation is the best way that can preserve human dignity. The solution was selected by parties is the key to the agreement.